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Franchise/Chain Store/Multi Shop/Dealer

In Malaysia, Franchise/Chain Store/Multi Shop/Dealer Industry is a government highly promoting industry and lots of benefits and monetary facilities been given particular in encouraging and developing this industry. Thus, you need to become the government certified Franchisor and/or Master Franchisee in order to develop this business program in Malaysia.

We can assist you:

To design and develop the whole franchise/chain store/multi shop/dealer business operation system based on QMS ISO 9001:2000 standards (cover HQ system, Operation, Training, Agreement, Outlet Operation, Marketing & Promotion, Business Model, Meeting Management, Quality Control System, and others)

  • To negotiate with officer and ensure your company will become a certified Franchisor and/or Master Franchisee within 6 months period
  • To negotiate with officer and ensure your company will receive the PPF Status under Franchise Development Program
  • To promote and recruit potential franchisee for your company through regular and/or tailor-made program
  • To provide operational guidance and monthly training to your franchisee
  • To promote your franchise/chain store/multi shop/dealer business program thru various agencies such as MARA, PNS, PNB and etc. for Malay market

Be A Franchisor – Franchise/Chain Store/Multi Shop/Dealer Business

Under the Malaysia government instruction and Franchise Act 1998, all franchise companies together with its franchise/chain store/multi shop/dealer business modal shall be registered under the Franchise Act accordingly; any failure to do so, such company shall be considered as offering illegal business model to public. Thus, registration of franchise license is a must in Malaysia.

For your information, based on our years and experiences and involvement in this industry, there is almost nothing need to be done by your company in this application process:

  • We will design and produce all the necessary models, manuals and procedures required.
  • We will explain and discuss all the designed models, manuals and procedures with your company before submission. Thus, we ensure all the designed models, manuals and procedures are based on your actual company requirements and desires.
  • After submission, we will fully in charge on the negotiation and follow up works with the Ministry of Entrepreneurs and Cooperative Development until the franchise license is issued.

Your company only need to provide us the company profile, company registration documents, procedures (if have), 3 years audited accounts and lastly your company objective for this franchise program, and we will design and complete the whole franchise business models. Documents and Manual to be done by us:

  • To complete the CIS Manual
  • To complete the franchise business planning
  • To complete the franchise business model
  • To complete the investment analysis (Franchisor, Franchisee, 5 Years Projection)
  • To complete the franchise agreement
  • To complete the operation manual
  • To complete the outlet manual
  • To complete the franchise development manual
  • To complete the training & development manual
  • To complete the quality management manual
  • To complete the meeting management manual

Be A Franchisor – Project Schedule

Franchisor License Application

Preparation (Within 1 Month)

  • Client to provide all necessary company documents as required
  • SQV will study, survey, design and propose a draft complete business plan to client
  • Discussion and negotiation will be carried out between 2 parties until and unless all agreed
  • SQV will then design and complete the final franchise plan documentation
  • SQV will get the client final approval after client done its final checking

Submission (Within 6-9 Month)

  • SQV will go for submission and receiving a reference number for the project
  • SQV will negotiate and liaise with MECD for any amendment
  • SQV will arrange a site visit together with MECD officer

Once Approval

  • MECD will issued Franchisor Certificate
  • Client shall pay RM1,000 to MECD for franchisor registration once awarded with Franchise License (Franchisor)

Be A Franchisor – Benefits As Franchisor

Benefits gained when your company has been certified as Franchisor

Business Benefits

  • Able to market your company franchise business program legally and properly by using the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development logo.
  • Able to participate into and be a member for the Malaysia Franchise Association; thus enlarge your business networking and strategic alliance opportunity.

Finance Benefits

  • Able to apply for Franchisor Franchise Loan from SME Bank up to maximum of RM1om in total.
  • Your franchisees are able to apply for the Franchise Loan with a lower interest rate when your company is certified as Franchisor.

Marketing Benefits

  • After getting your PPF mentor status and been invited by PNS (a subsidy of PNB), your company will become a panel member of Franchise Development Program (PPF) for Women and Graduates where all your Malay franchisee can get a 90% loan from government loan fund in setting up your franchise outlet.
  • You will be provided with full marketing and promoting supports and opportunity by PNS with free of charge.

Business Development Benefits

  • Been a governmental certified franchisor, you will receive great support from various important government bodies such as PNB, PNS, MATRADE, SMIDEC, etc where your company is standing on a very good position in getting others licenses, business opportunities, grants and facilities etc.

Benefits As Franchisor In Summary

  • Earn normal trading income in distributing products to your franchisee
  • Earn Franchisee Fee during registration
  • Earn renovation and equipment mark up during setting up process
  • Earn monthly royalty charged according towards your franchisee turnover
  • Able to get Special Franchisor Loan (RM7.5m, 4% interests) from banks
  • Your franchisee can get Franchisee Loan (4% interests) from banks
  • Easy with dealing with others institutions such as MATRADE, SMIDEC, CGC, PNB, PNS etc in all matters
  • Fast and deep market branding with a royal networking