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“At SQV Consulting, we believe in developing long term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.”

From government agencies, multinational corporations to homegrown family businesses, our clients span across a diverse range of industries: automobile, beauty, education, fashion & garments, FCMG, fintech, food & beverages, healthcare, IT, security, technology, tourism, etc.

CompanyTrade Name
1 Fasfood Shop Sdn Bhd1 Fastfood
100 Yen Shop Sdn Bhd100 Yen
7 Autospa (M) Sdn Bhd7Autospa
72 Changes Saloon 72 Changes Saloon
Adamas Weddings Sdn BhdAdamas
Adcom Sdn BhdI'm Animator
Adonis Beauty Group
Advanced Aesthetic Asia Academy Sdn Bhd
AIO Synergy Holdings BerhadSushi Hero, AIO ICT
AO Synergy Holdings Sdn BhdAO Water
APR Marketing Sdn BhdAyam Penyet Ria
Archright (M) Sdn Bhd
Art is Art
ASG Asia Sdn BhdBeltech
Assam House Restaurant
Auto Kinetics Sdn BhdAEC Machinery
AV Electronics Marketing Sdn BhdAVEM
Bacon Experience Sdn BhdPusas Bistro & Cafe
Bagus Curtains Sdn BhdBaagus
Balloon Bouquest Sdn BhdBalloon Bouquest
Bansoon Tech Sdn BhdBansoon
BAW Holidays Sdn BhdBig Tour
Best Memories Sdn BhdMemorie Café
Best View Corporation Sdn BhdBest View
Big Bath Sdn BhdBig Bath
Bikerz Sdn BhdBikerz
Blue Horizon Holiday Group
Boite A Bijoux Sdn BhdBoite A Bijoux
Brain Junction Sdn BhdBJ, Kindeeland, kidz club, genius club
Brainchecker Global Group Sdn BhdBrainchecker
Brainergy Sdn BhdBrainergy
Brilliant Merchandising Sdn Bhd Bagman
Car Roger Sdn BhdDtox Car
Cellgen Lifesciences (M) Sdn BhdCellLabs
Charming Auto AccessoriesCharming
Cheese U Bistro Sdn BhdCheeseu
Cleanpro Express Sdn BhdCleanpro, Ibu sayang
Country Café Sdn Bhd1977 New Ipoh Chicken Rice
D Excel Kids Sdn BhdD Excel Kids
Dato' Zak GanBanquet Kitchen
Daystar Child Care CentreDaystar Kindergarden
De-Catano Tailor GroupDe-Catano
Dextrous Enterprise Sdn BhdDextrous
Discoveries Group
Duo Art Resources Sdn BhdWash Studio
D'Wangsa Oriental Concepts Sdn Bhd
Eagle Eyes Auto Lamps Centre Sdn BhdEagle Eyes and GC Motorsport
Easiway Slimming Center Sdn BhdAllunique
East Point Computer AccessoriesEast Point
Elleven Lingerie International Sdn BhdELV
Elyza's Home (M) Sdn BhdElyza
Enya Marine
Era Intermerge Sdn BhdMagnex, Era Intermerge
Erican English Language Group
Eslim Beauty Professional Sdn BhdEslim Beauty
Eurogain Secretarial Services Sdn BhdESS
Fatt Kee Roast Fish Sdn BhdFatt Kee Restaurant
Ferlab Sdn BhdGT Tiger , Vagromart
Fine Tuning Sdn BhdFine Tuning
Focus Optometry Sdn BhdFocus Optometry, Looks
Four C Jewellery Sdn BhdCharisma, 4 Custom Jewellery
Fu Frozen Enterprise (M) Sdn BhdFusipim
Gabungan Impian Sdn BhdK Box
Gaharu Technologies (M) Sdn BhdGaharu
Geo Crete Specialist Sdn BhdFlaming Wheels
Gintel (M) Sdn BhdGintel
Glasfil Houseman
Global Top Technologies (M) Sdn BhdGTC
Go Fun Kee Sdn BhdGFK
Golden Violet (M) Sdn BhdIdemisse
Goldlife Marketing Sdn BhdMeiko
Green Point Departmental Store Sdn BhdGreen Point
Greenfeed Agro Sdn Bhd
Grilles.my Sdn BhdGrilles.my, CSA
Happy Happy Manufacturing Sdn BhdAMPM Express
Harvest Paradise Sdn BhdApple
HB Gourmet Dessert Sdn Bhd
Hemito Capital Private LimitedSando Ramen
Hobby Auto & Cushion Supplies Sdn BhdHobby Auto
Hui Lau Shan Food Manufacturing HLS
Hwajing Travel & Tours Sdn BhdHwajing
I Home Sdn BhdI Home
Iboxchain Sdn BhdIboxchain
Iceyoo Ventures Sdn BhdIce Yoo
Icily Sdn BhdIcily
Ideal Kluster Sdn BhdKluster
In-Joy Manufacturing Sdn BhdPak Hainan Kopitiam
International Psychology Center Sdn BhdIPC
Iris World (M) Sdn Bhd
Japan Enterprise Support OrganizationOden Bar
JF Beauty Sdn BhdJF (Beauty)
Jinho Global Sdn BhdJinho
JJCI F&B Sdn BhdRasaa Restaurant
Jov Capital Sdn BhdKitchen Iron Rice Bowl
Jun-S Garment Sdn BhdEcho Park
Kefalindo Sdn BhdRoti Delight's
Kids Planet Education Sdn BhdKids Planet
Kimma Sdn BhdHair Depot, The Hair Story
Kit Loong Tyre Rescue Service Sdn Bhd
Klinik Pergigian Tiew Dentist Group
Kluang Station F&B Sdn BhdKluang Station Heritage
Kopitiam K&Y Sdn BhdKopitiam K&Y
Korbig FNC Sdn BhdKor B Restaurant
Lattifa Hair Saloon Sdn BhdLatiffa
Legacy Secret Sdn BhdSejagat Global, Legacy Secret
Legend Home Appliances Sdn BhdLegend Kitchen
Lepapa Trading (Cheng Du) Pte LtdLepapa
Liftrac Industrial Equipment Sdn BhdForklift Master
Lim Kok Wing University
Limocab Group
Lovejoypeace Kitchen Sdn BhdKakatoo
LSP Jaya TradingProprint
Magic Finger EnterpriseMagic Finger
Mayfair Bodyline Sdn BhdMayfair
Mediconstant Holdings Sdn BhdConstant
Medinail Sdn BhdMedinail
Mercu Cita Manufacturing Sdn BhdMahnaaz Food
Mint De Enterprise Sdn BhdTri-Kimbab
Miracle Impress Sdn BhdMiracle Hair Expert, Naturlise , MesoNano
MK Textiles Holdings Sdn BhdMK Curtain, CK Textile, M.Kaye
Modern Mum Modern Mum
Mohd Chan Signature Sdn BhdMohd Chan
Mok Sdn BhdMOK Corner Cafe
Moonlight Cake House Sdn BhdMoonlight
Mostwell Sdn BhdEpal, Miyabi
Muzart Learning CentreMuzart
MX Corporation Sdn Bhd
My Fitness Sdn BhdMyFitness
Myortho Rehab
Myride Auto Grooming Sdn BhdMyRide
My-Robot Sdn BhdMyRobot
Natural BeBe's Home Sdn BhdB Natural, Bb Natural, Peter Rabbit, Paddington Bear, Wahaha, MyGpee
Nesh Marketing Sdn BhdNesh
Neubodi Holdings Sdn BhdNeubodi
New Mega Optics Sdn BhdNew Mega Optics, Eye:Dentity, Eye Save
Nexxone Technologies Sdn BhdNexxone
O2 Plus Sdn BhdO2 Plus
Ohana Wellness Sdn BhdKitohana
Olympic Edu Sdn BhdMASMO
Oriental Reward
Origin Herbal Hair Treatment Bee Choo Origin
Oscar Locksmith Supply Sdn BhdOtis, Osman
PC World Sdn BhdPC World
Perfect Drink Sdn BhdKebab Bowl
Perfect Radiance Beauty Group
Pin Tea Venture (M) Sdn Bhd
Pusat Tuisyen Suria JayaSuria Jaya
Pustaka ChiewPustaka Chiew
RC Labelle Marketing Sdn BhdLabelle
RE2 International Corporation Sdn BhdRE2
Rest N Go Sdn BhdRest N Go
Reveur BoutiqueGracekiar
Riche Living SpaceRiche Living
SAC Makan Sdn BhdSAC Makan
Salad stop Pte LtdSaladstop
Saveway Solution Sdn BhdBrain Zone
Seduisant Skin & Bodyline Sdn BhdSeduisant
Seng Li Marketing
SenHeng Electrical (KL) Sdn BhdSenHeng
Seri Optical House (Bangi) Sdn BhdSpek Café
Sheng Unite Holding Sdn Bhd
Shinju Pearl Sdn BhdShinju Pearl
Silicon Sales & Marketing Sdn BhdSilicon
Skeye Optical Sdn BhdSkeye Optical
Slimworld GroupSlimworld
Smart RentalSmart Rental
Snow Ice International Sdn BhdSnow Ice
SNS Network (M) Sdn BhdSNS
Spiced Malahotpot Restaurant Sdn Bhd
SQV Integration ServicesSQV
SS Meal F&B Sdn BhdLittle Wok
Steamaster Sdn BhdSteamaster
Strata Pro Sdn BhdCellAct
Sun Inns HotelSun Inns
Sunflower Paper Passion & Things Sdn BhdSunflower
Sunway Resort & Hotel Group
Super Tuition Group
Supreme Frozen Sdn BhdSupreme Frozen
Supreme Home Appliances Sdn BhdSupreme Home Creative Lifestyles
Syarikat Pakaian Bee LoonBee Loon
Ta Chi Nyonya HouseTa Chi
Taka Cake Supplies Sdn BhdTaka Cake
Tako Tao EnterpriseTako Tao
Talasco Dagang (Borneo V Wellness)Borneo V Wellness
Tangkak Beef Noodle
Tarmah Sewing Machines Sdn BhdOkurma
Tee Ip Sdn Bhd
Terimee BeautyTerimee, Dr Hanker
The Hungry Nest CafeH.Temptation
The Thyme Sdn BhdThyme SPA
The Windmill Station Sdn BhdThe Windmill
Tim Bodycare Training CenterTim Bodycare
TK Multitrade (M6)
Tomei Gold & Jewellery Holding (M) Sdn BhdTomei, My Diamond, TH Jewellery
Top Win Hardware Trading Sdn Bhd VR DIY
Touch Learning & Edu Advisory Sdn Bhd
Toyo Lubrication Sdn BhdToyo
Uhsports Sdn BhdConeli
Unico All Around Beauty Sdn BhdUnico
Usaha Baiki Sdn BhdUsaha Baiki
Victory Car Spray & Welding Sdn BhdSisco
Vinsoon Shoe Trading Sdn BhdHypershoe
VR Drums Studio (M) Sdn BhdVR Drums
Wakili World Sdn Bhd Wakili
Watts Harrisons Sdn BhdKomonoya
Wayang Tinggi Holding Group
WTD Corporation Berhad
Yuen San Thong Hair Care Sdn BhdYST
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