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“We believe that it’s our business to know yours.”

With clients spanning various industries, SQV Consulting Group offers comprehensive services geared at helping our clients in achieving their commercial objectives. We meet the needs of our clients by not just understanding their business, but also defining the critical insights and implications to their concerns.

Not to be confused with licensing, a franchise business is governed under the laws of franchising namely the Franchise Act 1988. In order to attain a franchise licence, a due diligence exercise is inevitable and such process could be incredibly challenging and time consuming. Till date, SQV Consulting Group has walked side-by-side hundreds of businesses throughout the entire franchising journey. Conforming to the standards as stated in the Act, we assist our clients in designing a total franchise system by creating their own unique Business DNA and profile, while providing breakthrough strategies coupled with sound execution.

Work scope
– Market Research
– In-house Big Data Survey
– Feasibility Study
– Brand Positioning & Marketing
– Business Model Restructuring
– Core Business Process Optimization
– Growth Strategy & Initiative
– Franchise & Business licensing

SQV Consulting Group do not just connect with clients, we help to increase the connectivity of our clients with their consumers through digital and social media platforms. Based on a solid understanding of your business market, target audiences and points of differentiation, we focus on helping you to maximize your business potential by building your brand value online.

Work scope
– Online Market Research
– Online Brand Positioning
– Platform Analysis and Strategy Planning
– Social Media Page Management
– Online Advertising Campaigns
– Social Media Influencers Marketing Strategy
– Website Setup and Design
– Business Digitalisation
– Membership System Implementation

At SQV Consulting Group, we regularly work across regional networks to provide synergistic and effective solutions in the most cost-efficient manner to our clients who wish to break out their market boundaries. Facilitated by governmental programs and projects, we are able to propel our clients into the next growth phase across Malaysia or at a global scale.

Work scope
– Direct Investment
– Business Matching
– Multi-store development
– Franchisee Recruitment
– Branding & Promotion
– HALAL & ISO Certification

Going beyond traditional consultation services, our journey with clients does not stop at creating new franchise business models and revenue streams. We are an active partner in our clients’ development and expansion strategies to enhance their business outlet planning, operation, control and management.

Work scope
– HQ Management System Design
– Outlet Operation Manual Design
– Training Manual Design
– Organisation Design and Alignment
– Talent Assessment and Succession
– Management Team Coaching
– Employee Engagement and Training


Business expansion or franchising a business requires a strategic financial manoeuvre; we aim to assist our clients in strategizing financial facilities and applications of relevant governmental grants, loans and funds. We also work closely with private entities and individuals to drive rapid business growth through investments, crowdfunding and franchisee recruitment.

Work scope
– Crowdfunding Programs
– Franchise Business Opportunities
– Business Investment Documentation
– Secretarial/Accounting/Legal Services

Work scope
– HALAL Certifications
– International ISO 901:2000 QMS Certification
– Trademark registration (Malaysia or Worldwide)
– Patent Rights & Copyright Registration

No one is above the law. Running a business involves taking into account various legal risk areas and understanding the legal aspects of taking on such an endeavor. We provide professional legal solutions and advice to up-and-coming business entrepreneurs, ongoing business development, and even commercial lawsuits, such that our clients may operate their businesses with dignity and integrity.

Work scope
– Legal Advice & Aid
– Agreement Drafting

The sales floor is where the wonders of business happen. It is where customers come forth and witness the grand showing of your business. We specialize in incorporating your business model and brand identity into your physical store’s interior design and renovation, elevating your brand’s visual appeal to the next level.

Work scope
– Interior Design
– Renovation

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